Done for You Review

It seems like everyone out there is trying to sell you a way that you can get rich without having to do anything. The programs which are selling you something that will make you a lot of money very quickly never work. You get sucked in to a whirlpool of information cycles which are designed to keep you on the line. You stick around waiting for the quick payday which never seems to come. I have encountered many of these as I too would like to be rich. I am now a natural skeptic when it comes to anything which promises that I will not have to do a lot of work and will allow me to have a lot of money. This is why I was skeptical when I was told about the Neil Asher Done For You system. It just seemed too good to be true.
I did all of my research and found all of the websites which promise you will spend your money on the Done For You scam without getting anything in return. Having been around the block a few times, I took these reviews to be pure gospel. Instead of trying the product myself, I talked my more gullible cousin to fork over the money to try it instead. He returned after a few months to tell me that he was making more money than he ever expected possible. This was hard for me to swallow as I do not like my cousin very much and I wanted for him to fail. I had written it off as a lie until he showed up in a brand new BMW 740.
Needless to say I was seething at the very thought of my cousin having anything better than me. I immediately tossed out all of the information I had about the neil asher scam and invested the money I needed to get started with the program myself. It still seemed like it was going to be too good to be true. This was encouraged by the expense of the program, but having seen the success my cousin was enjoying I pushed through my doubt and my propensity to label the <neil asher scam as such. I decided to go ahead and pay the money and see what would happen for me.
What I encountered was beyond my wildest dreams. Neil Asher and the Done For You system created my website and everything that goes along with it. They have even helped me to enjoy a great looking shopping cart which sells all of my product for me. I have just started to realize the money making potential from the website, but I am excited to invest more money in other websites so that I will be able to multiply my money making potential. My sites are up and running and better looking than I could have imagined. I invite everyone to take a look and everyone is impressed by how clean the sites look and how easy they are to navigate. I am through the roof.

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Amazon Partner Sites Review

Theres so much stuff on the net today promising to make you an overnight millionaire you just dont know which way to look. I dont know its because I’m scottish but I’m always wary of these websites. I’m definitely not one to put my hand in my pocket and shell out a few grand on something.

The thing is, Neil Asher put a video of himself explaining the situation and I’m one of those old fashioned people who don’t like telephones or emails, I like face to face dealings with people. As a video on the net is about as close as I can get to it, I realised that the words after the video sounded too salesy and pushy.

The video explained the product. At first, I’m not going to lie, I thought it was a amazon partner sites scam, but I watched it again, you can see in Neils eyes and just his whole body that hes not out to steal money, hes got a business and can show people how to make cash.

Still wary, I watched the video for a thrid time. I got my daughter, a wizz kid for computers, even though shes 8, to try and find some dirt on him like neil asher scam. There must be a neil asher scam which everyone knows about, but I’m the gullabull one who didnt know. Nope again, hit a wall. What first made me really look at the Amazon Partner Sites program– the daughter made that go blue by the way – was I don’t actually pay much upfront.

I paid £997 for the website and then neil doesn’t get anymore money until I start making over £11k, and even then its only 2.5%. Sounded good to me and although I havent had my site very long, its actaully better because I get to keep all of the money.

I’ll be honest, I wont mind only making 97.5% because im not a super wizz on the computer, but I know now how to make really quick money. Yes it did take probably too long to make up my mind to buy the site, but as a big poker player, I know you have to be in it to win it. I still play for fun but I’ve stopped chucking money at the gambling sites and actaully earn money now. I havent quit my job as a plasterer, I actually like it but as I have busy times and quiet times, I have enough time to make some extra cash when work is slow.

Ive always been too scared to invest in anything, like bonds or shares, because knowing me, the market would crash as soon as I reached for my wallet. With this website, I just sit and watch the sales come in, I suppose if I wanted to quit my job I could go all out and get loads of websites pulling in a couple of hundred each per month but I call my site my bill payer. It covers my gas and electric and our car insurance bills. Thatll do for me for now.

Delia McKinley, PA

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Billionaire Ads Review

It sounds like a lie from the off. Billionaire ads, billionaire ads scam more like:Who in the right mind is going to GIVE you sales letters and adverts for free which make millions of £? You hear things about certain millionaires or billionaires and believe them right?

A good friend of mine works as a journalist and she gets PAID, yes PAID to right lies about celebrities and has no qualms about doing so, “as long as it pays the bills” she says. Now I’ve known this for a few years now and once I saw the website for Billionaire Ads I thought instantly, it’s a neil asher scam.

Thing is, Neil is just like any one of those people my journo friend writes about. He’s successful and will continue to be so, regardless of how many people say neil asher scam or tell you to stay clear of him. Do you know what I did, I wanted to make some serious money, not just settle for my down and out 9-5 ‘job’. I went ahead, paid my £97 to him for 73 ads and sales letters. It’s only a week’s shopping bill, it wasn’t going to bankrupt me.

Never ever before have I put my hand in my pocket for online marketing and had it actaully work for me. I have a few websites now, all cheap and fairly bland looking but I sell a few bits and bobs on there. These sales letters, once I found out where to place them, really worked. I posted them to companies and lists of people, I just wish I had kept track of how many I sent out because I couldn’t believe how a page of words could have such an effect.

I now supply a few major companies with my products, although I’ve had to get some funding from my bank manager to keep up with orders, but he’s now my best friend whereas I’m used to cringing every time I see a letter from my bank. OK so I’m not a millionaire yet, but I’m well on my way to getting there. My only regret is I wish I’d found the site quicker because it would have saved a lot of wasted time and energy.

There’s loads of bad stuff spouted around the internet, probably written by my friend, if you don’t think you can really get 73 sales letters for £97 AND 50% cheaper printing for the letters, then its your loss. The worst thing about my website sales before was I refused to advertise properly. I thought people who wanted my products would just find me and, believe me, that doesn’t work.

The fact you get the free template of a sales letter means you can work out your very own and feel like it is all your own work. Obviously its easier just to ‘borrow’ bits and then wait for your potential clients to turn into solid regular clients. I might not be a millionaire yet, but I’m getting there very fast!

Milton Aronstein, Boston

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Internet Marketing & Lifestyle Seminar DVD Sets Review

I’ve been running my kids clothing store online for 2 years now and it was doing ok, but as with anyone else, I was wondering why my competitors were absolutely wiping the floor with me. I was comfortable making $43k net, but who doesn’t want to make more money?

Well, I set abuot trying to find a mentor or a business consultant, to show me where I was going wrong. This is when I stumbled across Neil Asher. Instantly, I thought it sounded like a neil asher scam not a money making opportunity. Anyone can make up testimonials saying my business is making millions now comapred to before when it was making a few?

But as much as I thought it was a neil asher scam, I tried it. Being in the circle of receiving the newsletters and sales letters, it has showed such simple (and some complex) ways I was going wrong and it was really worth it in the end to force my business to grow.

The free 30 day offer on the No Crap system was a welcome one, I only invest into my company when I know the outcome. As it was free, I didn’t have any doubt, I always try something once, if I get burnt then I get burnt, but at least I tried. If you had to pay ?10,000 up front then it would be a No Crap scam, not the tools to be successful.

Looking through the DVDs you have the option to go back and watch them again and again. The newsletters come every month and continue to bolster my business. I’m making R125-150k a year now, it will be more, I just need to employ more staff as I cannot keep up with the orders and have pretend some of the kids clothes are out of stock until the mania calms down. I cannot thank Neil enough, those newsletters are like gold dust coming into my inbox. I literally cannot wait for the next one. It feels sometimes that I look forward to receiving those than my customer’s orders!

The monthly newsletters are only $30, same as my wife’s WEEKLY mobile phone useage. The only thing is, I make so much money from implementing the ideas and tricks from the newsletters that, her bill doesn’t really bother me. I know there’s more to come from my business, it really is my laziness in not getting the staff, suppliers and other 3rd party people in place fast enough. As Neil says, you have to be quick in this game and just writing this has made me realize I need to push myself to get the results.

It did seem like it was too good to be true at first, but as the first month is free and less than $30 per month you aren’t really killing yourself. If I wanted to save money per month, I’d smash my wife’s mobile not stop paying for internet marketing gold.

D. Johnson, Minnesota

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Crazy Deal Review

I am always looking for opportunities on the web for money-making ideas. Some of the things I’ve found were just too good to be true and after reviewing the products in depth, they were, indeed, too good to be true.

Out of the hundreds of products I’ve searched, I clicked on this Crazy Deal website that had an unbelievable offer. This website was a little different because it told you right up front what the price of the program was. On most of the websites I’ve seen, you have to scroll down to the end of the pages to see how much it costs to purchase the program.

Can I tell you something? When I see the price at the end of about 3 pages of reading, I just click on to the next website even if I can afford it. I just have a problem with reading all that fluff and seeing the price at the very end. It just seems a little tricky to me. As crazy as it sounds, knowing the price of this program first was what kept my attention.

Another thing that caught my attention is that before you even get into the body of the website, there is a short 2 minute video to watch. I had already drawn my conclusion before I clicked the play button. I was already thinking that this was a crazy deal scam and I was probably going to be as disappointed as
I have been with the rest of the sneaky websites.

At first the video would not play. I thought, “Yup, it’s a dud site.” Then I clicked the play button again and the video played, no problem. After learning the guy’s name as I watched the video to the end, I thought that this might just be a neil asher scam instead of a genuine way for me to make money. However, as I read on through a few paragraphs, I started to like what I was seeing. One of the things I liked that Neil said is, “If you are not the business-you don’t own one-you just have a job”.

Even though this website had my attention for the time being, I still wasn’t convinced that this wasn’t a neil asher scam. I had to keep reading so that I could satisfy my curiosity. The more information I gathered from Neil, the more I was convinced that he was serious about helping people like me succeed. He lays out the obstacles that most people who want to start an online-business face but have no idea of how or where to get started.

For the money that he asks for to show you the secrets to online-business success, the benefits you will reap is well worth it. All of us want to learn how to get our business to a level so that it can run on auto-pilot. I must admit that I had already put Neil in the category of other scam websites that I’ve run across before reviewing his program thoroughly.

I can honestly say that being a student of Neil Asher’s program has brought me success that I never thought was possible. If you are looking for a genuine mentor that wants you to succeed in your online-business, I encourage you to visit Neil’s Crazy Deal website.

Ronnie Govender, Chicago

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Done for You Review

Okay, so I first heard about this system from a friend. And I’ll admit she’s the kind of friend who is always chasing the next “big thing.” So I didn’t put too much stock into it at first. But then I had a few minutes to look over the sales page for Neil Asher’s Done for You system and I was intrigued.
I have to tell you, though, I’ve been burned with online marketing systems before. Somehow they are never as easy as everyone makes them sound and I end up giving up because I’m frustrated from not making money. I was kind of at the end of my rope when I first heard about Neil’s system, and after several days of thinking about it and coming back to the website to look again, I finally decided to give it a try.
I figured this had to be some kind of neil asher scam, but worst case scenario I would get my money back when it didn’t work and expose the Done for You scam.
How wrong I was. This “neil asher scam” – or so I thought it would be – turned out to be just what I needed to get my own business going online. This is different from anything I’ve ever seen online for making money.
I have just one warning about the system. You must make sure your computer and internet connection are failsafe. You will be earning a living online and you don’t want your “tools” to let you down. I struggled in the beginning because my internet connection was too slow, but once I had sorted that out, I learned just how different Done for You system is.
It’s not different in that it offers a new service or product, but it’s different because of the amount of help you get from Neil that makes you succeed. Most online money making systems give you an idea and website and wish you luck. Not Neil.
Done for You is just what the name says – everything is done for you! You get the idea and the website, of course. But then you also get all of the marketing materials and information you could ever want to help jump start your business.
I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that I received with this system. Not only did I get the idea for my website, but I got the market research behind why it is a good choice for a business. This way I know that my business is set up for success.
Then I got the product, the sales letter, all the bells and whistles on my website, and hosting of the website. As if that wasn’t enough – which, with the quality of this info would have been worth the price alone – I also got every possible marketing strategy to promote my business.
I was bombarded with autoresponder series, SEO, article marketing, PR strategies, pay-per-click, banners, social media, and blog setup. I could never have done all of that work for myself. And even if I could, I would have spent much more than the price of the system to promote my business like that.
Finally, and this might be my favorite thing about the system, I got step-by-step, fool-proof instructions on how to use all of this stuff. That way I can use what I’ve already got and in the future I can build my own marketing campaigns based on what I’ve learned.
I set out to prove that Done for You was a neil asher scam, but as it turns out I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the system offer me more than I ever expected even for the price, but it also worked for me to make money.
Now I no longer listen to all those people who are just like I used to be and say that making money online isn’t possible. It is. You just have to find the right system to show you how to do everything.
Sharon Priestly, CA

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Done for You Review

With years of experience in building offline businesses, I never thought that I would need the internet to make money. I was doing well for myself and my family. And things could have continued that way for years, I suppose.
However, I was working long hours. My family was falling apart and my health was declining with every passing day. I didn’t know how to break the cycle. Then my brother told me about online marketing. Interested, I decided to find out more about making money online.
What followed were years of headaches, ulcers and lost money – not to mention more hours of work with no return on my investments. I was frustrated and ready to give up. I learned some things along the way but I had come to the conclusion that online marketing was just too hard for me. There was too much that I didn’t know and didn’t have time to learn.
As fate would have it, I happened across the Done for You system just as I had decided to give up trying to make money online. Something about Neil’s experience and expertise made me want to give this system a try. Even as I was putting my credit card information into the shopping cart I was sure that I was about the be caught up in a neil asher scam, just like all the other “guru” scams I had fallen for.
I held my breath and waited to be disappointed. Initially there was some glitch with my credit card and I thought, uh oh, this is it – just another dud website. But I persevered and sorted out the problem and the rest is history.
Let’s just say if I had been holding my breath all this time waiting to be let down by the Done for You scam, I would be very blue in the face right now.
I couldn’t believe the amount of information that I received about my new online business. Not only did I get an online business, but Neil also gave me the research behind why my business would succeed. This was completely new to me in the world of online marketing.
As an offline business owner I never would have gone into a business venture without solid research showing me that my business could succeed. I felt so stupid for not thinking to apply this same logic to my online ventures. Thankfully for me, Neil thought of this for me.
I’m not technically or marketing savvy. In the offline world I always hired people who were experts in those fields to help me with my businesses. Again, I felt like an idiot for not thinking to implement this online.
But here, again, Neil saved my butt. I got all of the technical stuff done for me – my website set up, product created, shopping cart set up, sales letter written. Then, Neil’s system took it a step further and included all the things I didn’t know how to do myself to market my new business.
I had heard of most of the marketing stuff that I got with my Done for You business, but I didn’t know how to implement any of it. Luckily for me, it was done for me.
From SEO to social media marketing, I was covered. I started making money in a matter of weeks and within a few months I was able to quit my day job. I couldn’t believe how easy it was after all those years of trying to make something work.
This neil asher scam that I was so afraid of falling prey to has been the best decision I ever made. I can’t thank him enough for changing my life and reminding me of the basics of business that I had forgotten when I started my online adventures.
Now I tell everyone I know about Done for You.
Philip O’Neill, N.C.

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Amazon Partner Sites Review

I’ve been selling products online for years. I set up online stores and slaved through nearly a decade of hard knocks to get just a fraction of the knowledge that some people seem to have been born with. But I’ve made a decent living for my family along the way. Unfortunately, that living has come with me working nearly non-stop for all this time fulfilling order, working with customer service requests and just running my businesses day to day.
I was burnt out of the businesses that I built to give myself the lifestyle I always wanted. It wasn’t quite working out that way. Then one of my employees quit to work for himself with an online business that was in direct competition to mine.
I couldn’t believe it when in just a few short months he seemed to be rolling in money when I was still struggling along. Finally, mad and at my wits end, I called him up to demand that he tell me how he did it.
When he told me about this program, I immediately thought he had to be lying. So, I did an internet search for “Amazon Partner Sites Scam.” That turned up nothing but information about how wonderful this program is. So, I started checking into Neil. Aside from searching online for every form of neil asher scam” that I could think of, I asked around and contacted some of the people that he had supposedly helped.
I was determined to find something wrong with this neil asher scam. But after a week of looking into Amazon Partner Sites I found nothing negative. So, I decided to give it a try. I was highly irritated when the website would not accept my credit card, but after I got that problem sorted out, it was plain sailing.
This is truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. All of the parts of my online businesses that I had been struggling with were suddenly taken care of with this program. I got the market research to back up my business and the website design that I needed complete with SEO to really drive traffic to my site.
In a matter of months I was seeing more success than anything I had ever tried before. This system helps you get started even if you don’t know what you’re doing. All of the elements are there for you from research all the way through marketing and long-term success.
Of course, I have to admit that what really sold me on trying Neil’s program was not all of the wonderful benefits of the system. What really sold me was the deal that Neil gives his business partners in these ventures. Neil didn’t start receiving his small percentage of sales until after I had made back my investment in the program plus £10,000!
I recommend this Amazon Partner Sites “Scam” – how wrong I was! – to all of my friends. The sad truth is that only a few of them have had the courage to take the leap into this wonderful independent life that I’m living. So, I decided to go out and start telling total strangers. Maybe you will take my advice and visit the website below to find out more about this great opportunity.
G. A. Gantry, Florida

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Amazon Partner Sites Review

I thought I knew how the “Amazon Partner Sites” scam would work. I was so convinced that I knew it all when my mother showed me this website. I thought there was no way it could be right. So, I started out on a mission to protect my elderly mother from things like this neil asher scam.
Now, almost a year later my mother and I are both business owners who have made unbelievable profits with the Amazon Partner Sites system. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. I had a lot of trouble getting my computer in order before I could start using the DVDs. But once I got over that hiccup, things changed radically for me and mom.
I know how confusing the internet can be with all of its claims so I wanted to give people a no-nonsense review of this system that I still affectionately think of as the neil asher scam. Except that he’s the one getting ripped off because he charges so little for this valuable information.
I signed up to be a business partner with Neil and start selling products on Amazon. What I expected was a get started guide and a plain website. What I got was beyond my imagination.
Not only does my website look fabulous but it is also complete with all of the extras that most e-commerce sites don’t have. It looks so professional. I’m actually proud to tell people it’s mine.
And the best part is that I didn’t have to do any work or know any html or anything. It was all done for me, including SEO of the whole site so that I can be found by search engines.
Then I got the market research behind the products that I’m selling so that I can be sure that my system will work for me. I can’t tell you how much easier this one thing has made my life. Now I can plan for the future and look into other opportunities with the same voracity that Neil did for me.
I also got back links to my website all over the place. This part completely intimidated me, because I thought there was no way I could do that without spending 24 hours a day for about a year learning the ropes and finding the right places to link. But Neil took care of it all for me!
And I got my Amazon affiliate set up so that I have a place to send people that makes me money. All along the way I got help and information from Neil. When he says that he wants to be your business partner in this, he really means it.
I don’t know how he does it with all of the other projects that he has on his plate, but he made time to help me grow my business. I’m very impressed. My mother has had even more success than me with Neil. She jumped in with both feet from day one and never looked back. I was a little more cautious getting started and as a result my business was a little slower getting off the ground.
Amazon Partner Sites is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. When I hear people complain about their jobs or not having money, I just smile to myself. I haven’t had those problems in a long time and I never plan to again! I’ve started about ten of these businesses now with Neil and on my own and I won’t ever go back to a day job again.
I’m so glad that I got mad that day and decided to defend my mother’s honor by stopping the man I thought was a creep, Neil Asher, from taking advantage of her! My life will never be the same.

Ray Robinson, Georgia

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Silver Coaching Program Review

All of us who have made some money with online marketing know how hard it can be to wade through all of the lies that people try to sell you on to get to the systems that actually work. Even if we’ve been successful on our own, we all know that there must be an easier way. I was happy with the amount of money that I was making online and with my business but I wanted a way to do it all with less work on my part.

I got an email one day about Neil Asher’s program and thought that I would give it a try. The guy sounded legitimate in his sales letter and I did some research on him and the program. I Googled every possible form of “neil asher scam,” “Neil Asher ripoff,” and “Silver Coaching Program Scam” that I could think of.

I got nothing but good reviews. So, I signed up and decided to try it out for myself. I had a helluva scare when my PC got a virus at the same time. Fortunately, the virus had nothing to do with Neil Asher (I had actually opened an attachment to an email from a friend which infected my system) and when my computer was finally back in action, I started Neil’s program. That was when I learned how little I actually knew about running an online business.

With neil asher scam as my mentor I have been able to cut my workload down to almost nothing, increase my profits and enjoy life more than I ever thought possible.

With these lessons, Q&A sessions with Neil and the Mastermind Forum I’ve learned about the entire world of online business, not just the tiny fraction of information that I had before.

I’ll admit I was looking for a reason to quit the program or a way to discredit it. But I haven’t found one. From the first day of my membership I have received invaluable information.

This mentoring program isn’t about fluff or finding the diamonds in the rough of useless information. Everything I received in this program has given me ideas to use in my business.

While the business and marketing ideas have been wonderful and probably responsible for my success, it was the advice about changing your mindset and your life that have made the biggest impact on my quality of life. From organizing my office for maximum effectiveness to thinking of myself as a manager of my business more than as the business itself, every lesson that I received was worth its weight in gold.

Unlike other internet “gurus” Neil makes himself available to those of us in the Silver Coaching Program. We get real help, real advice and answers to our tough questions. This guy is amazing. Before this program I thought I knew all there was to know about internet marketing, but I was so wrong.

Now I know what I don’t know and I hire people to do those things for me. Complicated processes like keeping up with the metrics of my business are now taken care of for me and in a simple way that I can understand. I now get plenty of traffic to my website and have a marketing plan that is implemented by someone else to make me money.

The Silver Coaching Program has made a difference in my quality of life by letting me run my business, not the other way around. Now I recommend this mentoring program to everyone I know who has an internet business. I hope you will try it too.

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